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Learn More About What Makes Our Farm Buzz

Like our bees, we work hard to make the most of nature’s precious gifts, inspired by the striking beauty and rich ecosystems of the land we farm in.

A Strong Partnership Between Land And Bee

Pollinators like bees are keystone species in every ecosystem, making sure essential plants can reproduce to shelter and nourish the animals that rely on them. With more plants comes better soil health. Denser root systems prevent soil erosion, protecting land from the destructive effects of flooding. Greater plant biodiversity supports the expansion of our wild animal populations, leading to a flourishing natural environment that can grow sustainably into the future.

Supporting Sustainable Practises

We’re proud to have our hives on farms throughout the agricultural community here in Barrhead, Alberta. Our bees pollinate vital crops across the county. Regular pollination helps the farms in our area produce healthier crops with better yields and increases their resilience to challenges like inclement weather and drought. With a local apiary, our farmers don’t have to rely as heavily on bees being shipped in to pollinate their crops, reducing emissions, preventing the spread of bee diseases, and supporting sustainable farming practices.

When our bees are needed to pollinate blueberry fields and other fruit crops in B.C., we employ the utmost care to ensure that our bees are free from disease, preserving the health of the local bee population. We also work to keep the colonies safe and undisrupted throughout the transport process.

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