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Organic Raw Honey



What makes our Organic Raw Honey special is that it reflects a sense of place. Harvested from organic hives near rolling pastures, lush forests, and hayland as far as the eye can see, our bees are given the space to wander and forage away from GMO crops or conventional farming. Every batch of nutrient-filled Organic Raw Honey is harvested using organic methods and undergoes minimal processing to remove impurities like beeswax. What’s left is a pure premium quality, prairie-style liquid creamy honey that’s ready to drizzle over your favourite foods and beverages.

Our bees forage nectar from foothills wildflowers like aster, red paintbrush, wood lily, yellow cinquefoil, and Alberta wild rose. Every drop of honey showcases the character of the region, vibrant, warm, and honest with the perfect balance of velvety sweetness and rich decadence. Traceability means a lot to us, so our Organic Raw Honey is regularly tested to pass strict standards and can be traced back to the area and date it was harvested.


100% organic Canadian honey


Keep stored at room temperature, avoid excessive heat when softening.

pure honey at heart

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